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It’s your campus paper

May 16, 2013

Eagle News is the official student media source for news and information at FGCU. You should be able to find it on display in racks around campus, where it’s free for the taking, one copy per student. (You’ve already paid for it through fees.) Eagle News content is also available online. In advance of writing your Comment #2 about Eagle News, be sure to check out the newspaper and its website and even its archives. Think about the news and information you find there. How useful is it to you, as an FGCU student? What about its quality? (Remember, Eagle News is a living, learning laboratory for students, not professionals!) What about the kinds of stories, photos, and video you find in Eagle News? For your Comment #2 assignment, which you must post in reply here by 7 p.m. Monday, May 20, list five story ideas, with brief descriptions, that you suggest Eagle News consider pursuing in the near future. Your comment should be brief: simply five numbered items.

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  1. Victoria Trujillo permalink
    May 17, 2013 8:59 pm

    1. Shining light on the unique plant life around campus. Many people around campus treasure mother nature and her wild life. Helping spread out the word of different kind of plants and trees might enlighten some people.

    2. Writing more on the artistic students on campus. There are a lot of students who love art and have great talent but many of them are not heard of. Having a way to make them come out of their own shell so that they can share their art work with everywhere else.

    3. Acknowledgement to the foreign students at FGCU. Moving to a new place is never easy because everything around you is so unfamiliar. Making friends might come easy to some but for others, it’s an uneasy feeling. Having a way to shout out to the people who feel like an alien in a place where they should feel most welcomed.

    4. Helping remember the professors who might be leaving the university. People come and go but many professors leave a mark that cannot be washed away; whether good or bad. Many people have their own opinions on other people but in the end, they taught someone something.

    5. Try to highlight a course. Many students do not know of great classes that might be out there. For example, I took a meditation class last term and I’m sure not many people know there is even such a course. My professor, Professor Maria Roca, is such an amazing professor and because of this course, it has helped me improved with my grades and my stress. Meditation helps different people in different ways but in the end, it can only help you. Helping spread out the word of positive classes can be a great thing.

  2. Jesse Namour permalink
    May 19, 2013 6:39 pm

    1. A school Craigslist section. A section where students can list items that they wish to sell.
    2. A food menu. A section in the paper where to shows the daily menu of some of the restaurants such as sovi.
    3. A comics and cartoons section. A section where some of the art students could submit some of their funny drawings to give them publicity around campus.
    4. A health section. This would be a section developed to give students tips on keeping a healthy food diet on campus.
    5. A question and answer section. A section where students can write funny or serious topics to a different editor each week.

  3. Keira White permalink
    May 19, 2013 6:57 pm

    1. An article or section highlighting easy recipes for students to try that are affordable and require only a basic skill level. Also, this section can give cooking tips.
    2. A spotlight on careers or businesses in the community that many might not have considered or even knew existed, plus tips on how to land that job from the boss.
    3. An article or section of do it yourself projects that can make a college dorm room more organized and attractive plus learn how to maximize your space.
    4. An article of what is going on in our state government that is affecting school tuition, enrollment, etc.
    5. An article discussing the pros and cons to using a laptop in class. This will include opinions from students and professors.

  4. Emery Ramaswami permalink
    May 20, 2013 8:38 am

    1. FGCU Athletics: A Cultural Melting Pot.- An article about how the athletics teams at FGCU bring together so many people of different nationalities and cultures to play sports, have fun, and learn together. This would highlight the different nationalities and cultures, and how this can be beneficial to students.
    2. FGCU Nature Trails: The Rarely Used Wonders- This article would tell about the nature trails and their expansiveness, and also feature pictures and how they are taken care of. This would hopefully spark more interest in the nature trails and how lucky we are to have them.
    3. Why Dunk City Doesn’t Need to Grow- Many people have been arguing for the growth of FGCU both property wise and student body wise, however I don’t feel this will necessarily help us. I think there should be an article that can highlight the benefits of keeping a smaller student body and academic and athletic property for FGCU.
    4. Perched Eagles- A weekly section used to highlight pros and cons of local hangout and dining spots for FGCU students to go to and enjoy themselves. This could also be used as fundraising through advertisement of these places.
    5. Active Eagles- A weekly section highlighting different physical activities such as 5k races and other things, and also places to be active. This would promote a sense of well being in the FGCU student body, and allow students that are not as familiar with the community to connect with the people around them.

  5. May 20, 2013 11:23 am

    1. Last year, the election was a big talking point across this country. How about we create an FGCU Election center or room on campus that talks about politics during Election season. This would give the students a chance to voice their opinions on major political headlines during each Election season.

    2. Canvas has just been installed for summer classes at FGCU. How are students transitioning from the old Angel program to the new Canvas program at FGCU? The new Canvas program was recently installed in May of 2013 at FGCU.

    3. Adaptive Services is a great way to help someone like me with a disability like Autism succeed in college. They have great people who will work with the students and the professors to help come with the best possible outcome for both parties that are involved. Eagle News run a story on how and why Adaptive services can be a great tool someone succeed in college.

    4. Transfer students at the March 2013 Orientation had many problems when they were trying to register for their summer and fall classes at FGCU. Eagle News can investigate why there was a major problem for transfer students in getting their classes for future semesters? What can be done to prevent transfer students from dealing with the same difficulties in the future? The majority of classes were closed by orientation in April. Eagle News can find answers to why there was a problem for transfer students in finding classes and hopefully prevent it from happening in the future.

    5. FGCU has seen quite a number of former athletes make it big since their days as an Eagle. I also like to see Eagle News take a look back at former great FGCU star athletes including Chris Sale and write stories about their journeys from being in college to being drafted into their professional careers. After all, Chris Sale is an all-star pitcher for the Chicago White Sox in Major League Baseball.

    6. Students often have many choices when choosing their instructors. What are the preferences for students when they are choosing their instructors for classes? Would they rather have a female or a male instructor? Eagle News can interview FGCU students in which they will find their response to the question.

    7. It seems to me that many professors that teach college especially in Florida come from the great state of Pennsylvania. I would like to know what percent of professors that teach at FGCU are from the state of Pennsylvania.

    8 Community service is needed for students to graduate from FGCU. I believe that Eagle News should publish about the different ways people can help out their local community. People need to find ways to help give back to their community. This could be a fun and exciting way to find out information about community service opportunities that are being offered at FGCU.

  6. Evan Nader permalink
    May 20, 2013 12:37 pm

    1. The status of the men’s basketball team. I am interested to know who’s graduating, who’s transferring in and who’s transferring out, as well as highlighting recent recruits to the program. We should be building on the success of our team.

    2. Lack of dining options over summer. I understand that it is Summer A, but there are so few options to choose from this summer and each place that is open closes early and is understaffed. I don’t remember last year being so deserted.

    3. Dunk City and the community. Following the magical postseason run, our campus was home to many news crews (including ESPN) as well as many fresh faces- both old and young. We saw a significant increase in campus tour groups. We also saw tons of older people flooding the bookstore to purchase gear and see the campus. Eagle News is a school newspaper but with so few people picking up copies, maybe embracing senior citizens isn’t such a bad idea.

    4. Exceptional or Unique students on campus. I think interest stories such as a classmate who excels in something no one else knew about. This is both exciting and able to display how many exceptional students are around campus.

    5. Not necessarily a story, but I used to enjoy the sections on student’s answering a popular weekly question. I believe that was stopped last year. Also, a couple years ago there was a section on students and what they had playing in their iPod. This ceased years ago but it was cool seeing friends and random students and what music they listen to.

  7. Carlos Lopez permalink
    May 20, 2013 12:47 pm

    1. What’s Next for Dunk City – A piece highlighting the athletic program’s tasks and set goals going into the 2013-2014 season.

    2. New Student FAQ – An article that addresses inquiries made by many students in their first semester at the university.

    3. Regulations – A section that mentions any new campus bylaws and regulations enacted by the university.

    4. Services Locations – An informative piece highlighting the various specialized locations and buildings that are exclusive to campus patrons.

    5. Department Highlights – A section that details developments concerning different academic departments.

  8. Andrea Voynovich permalink
    May 20, 2013 1:24 pm

    1. Professors – A section that would highlight a different professor each week and talk about themselves and what courses they teach and provide a little insight into their course.
    2. Construction on Campus – With all the new construction we have going on around campus, a small paper of the newspaper could talk about what all is going on with the construction and future plans for more that might be added to the university.
    3. Fun places to go in Fort Myers – This could include different places with interviews from students to see where they go to have fun and why they like it. It could include places other than just bars close in the area which most students seem to flock to.
    4. Politicians – I’ve noticed many students don’t know as much about politics and politicians as they might want to and feel as though they don’t have the time to go out and learn so maybe including a portion about this so students can grab the paper on the go and take it with them and learn as they go.
    5. Non-Profit Agencies – Story about non-profit agencies in Fort Myers that do good work and/or one that scam people. So that students can make sure they are helping out or working with the proper organizations

  9. May 20, 2013 1:40 pm

    1.) FGCU student’s movie reviews: a section for student reviews on the latest movies. Reviews from students may be more relatable than from a critic.
    2.)Local Job Listings: a collection of recent job or internship postings in the area. It could be categorized according to majors.
    3.)Volunteers needed: a section that advertises local places in need of volunteers. This may open opportunities for students as well as raise involvement in the school.
    4.)Amber Alert: A section informing students of missing people in our area. This raises awareness and hope for the families affected.
    5.)Crazy for Coupons: We all know being a college student dwindles the budget. Couponing is a great way to help manage your budget and save more than you spend.

  10. May 20, 2013 2:05 pm

    1. How FGCU plans to grow in the future. An article that explains FGCU’s plans to grow as university. The article could outline how the university plans to attract more students to FGCU, or how the university plans to expand the campus without harming the environment.

    2. Research at FGCU. The article could highlight some of the notable research by FGCU. This will help show student the contributions FGCU has made to the sciences and society, and possibly make students more proud of their university.

    3. FGCU and the environment. An article that explains what our university is doing to protect the environment and ecosystems around us. For example, conservation of resources and clean energy.

    4. A spotlight on FGCU. An article that shows all of the accomplishments made by students, alumni, and the university as a whole.

    5. A resource page. The page could includes important phone numbers students will need to recieve help or guidence. It could also include important dates that students need to be aware of. For example, deadlines for FAFSA and scholarship opportunites.

  11. May 20, 2013 2:41 pm

    1.A teacher appreciation section highlighting a different professor each week and the skills and knowledge that the professors at FGCU are able to shed upon their students. The professors at FGCU are the reason we are able to gain knowledge and take classes at this school we should honor them with a news section highlighting what they do for our school.

    2. A year round athletic section would be something that would be useful in not only updating students on our schools teams year round. Not only our school Basketball team which made school and NCAA history this year, but also our other school teams that dominate that don’t get as much media attention such as our Baseball Lacrosse and women’s basketball and softball teams. Also involving the teams from the intermural leagues, it would probably update more students about the league and make it a bigger program.

    3. A music and arts program would be a great step in the direction of combining news with the talented students of FGCU. While attending this school I have seen many students who are gifted with many different and unique talents. That would be a wonderful thing to highlight and showcase. Weather it be beautiful art or something involving music there are many students at this school with a wide variety of awesome talents and I think it would be awesome for our paper to showcase the students at this school with a news section showing their talents and skills.

    4. A community service section is a great idea for the paper highlighting good places to get service learning hours on and off campus. Showing students how to get involved with their school and receive community service learning hours which are required to graduate. Placing adds of places that need volunteers would help students and the places in need of volunteers and probably get more students involved on campus.

    5. A section for the Student Government would be something that the paper should have. Its a major part if what goes on at FGCU, and what type of direction the school is going in. It should showcase the changes being made to our school and giving credit to the people making it happen.

  12. TessaSteele permalink
    May 20, 2013 3:31 pm

    1. Comics/ a crossword: It may seem trite but I’m majoring in Art. I picked up a newspaper when I was a kid for the comics and would end up reading it and still do the same today. I’ve actually bought the Sarasota Herald a couple of times because I really wanted to do the crossword. I did see one comic in this first issue I picked up; I’d like to see more.
    2. I don’t know if there are any local bands in town but I’d definitely like to hear about local shows.
    3. Local elections/ ordinances being passed. I can’t vote in Fort Myers probably like most students at FGCU but I’d still be interested to what’s happening locally. I think it is important to develop an understanding and cultivate an interest in these things and entering college is a perfect age to build on doing that.(off topic but I wonder if the Green Party has any kind of a foot hold in this area because I can see them being active around here.)
    4. Highlights of on campus News. This is my first semester at FGCU and the first time I’ve picked up Eagle News so maybe it is covered but I don’t know what sororities do. I’d be curious about the activities that different groups on campus are doing and what they’re about.
    5. Highlights of national news. I really liked the this week in review section. Something I strongly dislike about most news outlets is if there isn’t news to report they make stories up or drag them out to fill space or time. I don’t see why a school newspaper can’t report on national news when there is something important to report it’s the perfect platform to me because there wouldn’t be the obligation fill space and sell papers and Id really enjoy the perspective of my peers in their reporting on issues.

  13. TessaSteele permalink
    May 20, 2013 3:35 pm

    *4. Highlights of on campus groups/clubs/organizations.

  14. Christopher Larsen permalink
    May 20, 2013 3:48 pm

    1. A large number of the FGCU students live on campus without much of a social life beyond the school. There should be a section in the newspaper that discusses events or places to go within the area. The writer can talk about what the local event is, where it’s at, or any discounted prices that might be offered.

    2. There should be a section in the news that is completely dedicated to men. The section could either talk lifting weights, drinking beer, men’s health, or video games. The section will be directed to men, but women may also find the topics interesting. A section like this may enable more people to want to read the news paper because they can relate to it.

    3. A roomate section that can offer advice on how to deal with a bad roomate. It can also answer questions about what makes a good or bad roomate. It can also share stories that people share or write about when living with a roomate. This section could be serious or comical to fit the reader’s interests.

    4. Many student’s at FGCU have a very low budget when it comes to cooking or eating. A section discussing different interesting foods or recipes that can be cooked in appartments or rooms at a low price. Since the section is about food, there can also be articles about cheap restaurants or deals in the area.

    5. Reading books is such a huge part of attending school, but most students don’t know what is new or interesting to read. There should be a section that selects a single book then reviews and rates it. The section should also display the place or website to purchase the book for the cheapest price.

  15. Alex Musil permalink
    May 20, 2013 3:58 pm

    1. Highlights of special deals and savings available in the Fort Myers/ Estero area. Such as different sales at retail or grocery stores on a weekly basis.
    2. A entertaining story/writing section for creative writing! Perhaps scary stories or poems or anything of that nature.
    3. Puzzles section with secret codes hidden in them. These codes could be used in a website to get maybe some kind of school store coupon or food coupon useable on campus.
    4. A weekly student of interest column to display the works or achievements or various students weekly and recognize them for their works.
    5. A comic section and/or political jokes section. I find satire to be very entertaining and i know many people who would enjoy some student comics and satire to read.

    I apologize in advance if anyone else had the same ideas I have listed, I did not try to take anyone elses.

  16. Chad Nicholas permalink
    May 20, 2013 4:12 pm

    1) Alumni of the week. It was be nice to read how the people that graduated FGCU are doing with their lives.
    2) More information of the clubs and intramural leagues going on around campus.
    3) A list of all the Service Learning hours you can gain throughout Fort Myers.
    4) Concerts and activities going on. A lot of times there is a concert going on at Germain Arena that I had no clue about.
    5) Recipes that are cheap and easy to make for students

  17. May 20, 2013 4:23 pm

    Wow, so many great ideas in this thread. Just got word I’ll likely be serving as EN’s media editor for the coming fall/spring semesters. Keeping that in mind:

    1. Revive ENTV. ENTV once was a way for staff writers and freelancers to post videos to Alex Pena really took to this idea back in ’08 and I believe it gave him some great practice for his current job.

    2. Faculty spotlight: there are a lot of other FGCU employees that allow us to enjoy our beautiful campus. It would be fun to follow one of them through their daily routine. Whether it be someone working at the water management facility, or a researcher working on marine systems, FGCU has a lot of content to offer the paper beyond just the professors.

    3. Build a new website for EN incorporating social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, instagram ect), integrate a classifieds section, and a media submission page. The media submission page would allow FGCU students and faculty to submit photos and videos taken on their smart phones from around campus of stories that may go otherwise unnoticed.

    4. Profile the on campus restaurants versus their off campus counterparts. Maybe do a weekly compare/contrast on prices and menu options for comparable options.

    5. I’m planning on bringing a couple dozen used bikes to campus for a community bicycle program in the Fall (pending FGCU administrative approval). Once they are on campus I’ll be writing an article for the ugly yellow bikes that keep popping up.

    6. Best places to study on campus and why. Hidden, lesser known, and secluded spots from a 7th year senior, hah.

  18. Jaclyn Oser permalink
    May 20, 2013 4:32 pm

    1. Providing better transportation on campus. For those who do not have a car, it is extremely hard to get around. In the summer there is no transportation which I and many other people believe should change.

    2. An article about how the FGCU website should be improved. It is really hard to navigate the website. Most of the pictures are all old and so is information. They should get an online chat where people can get answers to their questions.

    3. A section called, Meet the Professor. Here you can get an idea of what professors we have on campus and what they have to offer. I know from previous experiences that when I have had a really good class where I loved to teacher, I wanted to brag about and recommend that professor to everyone. I feel that this would come to students advantage when they need a class but aren’t sure of what to take, it could give the ideas.

    4. A section where each week a healthy recipe is posted. This would come in handy for students who enjoy cooking and it is something different that people would enjoy.

    5. An astrology section with all the zodiac signs. A daily horoscope would be really interesting and fun.

  19. Emma Hoelscher permalink
    May 20, 2013 5:17 pm

    Eagle News Ideas:
    FGCU Environmental Friend, Or Foe —
    Florida Gulf Coast was founded on the precept of environmental sustainability, being recognized and rewarded with several awards since its opening in 1997 for everything from the cooling system to the self-efficient energy system. Many students choose to come here specifically for that reason, but what about the students that don’t? What about the students that are not so invested in the environment? Can the school really be environmentally friendly if not the entire student body is behind it?
    Guide For Healthier Eating:
    On campus there are limited options for healthy eating. More and more kids are going to the nutritionist and it is becoming more and more common that the “Freshman 15” is becoming the “Freshman 20 or 25”. Is this the fault of the students, or the institution? Are places like SoVi, Home Zone, and Chick-Fil-A really the best options for growing young adults, or are there better options to consider putting on campus?
    Rent A Car:
    A lot of incoming and remaining students have cars, but what about the ones that don’t? Sure buses are a good option, but for kids living hours away, with working parents, they may not be the most practical form of transportation home. As a relatively recent addition to the FGCU community, WeCar has come to campus. Located by the Cohen Center parking lot in lot 5, students are able to rent vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. Not many students know about this service that is offered and Eagle News should be the one who makes it more known.
    Get Fit FGCU:
    Every week there should be a new exercise or different events advertised for a smarter healthier lifestyle. As a way to combat the growing obesity rates in America, this column should be written on a weekly basis. Each week there should be a new way to stay fit and get active on campus along with a group that they could get in contact with to share healthy meals and exercise with.
    The Influence of Music on Today’s Society:
    “I’m on that good kush and alcohol; I’ve got some down bitches I can call”: the first line to one of my current favorite songs, but why? Why are the “catchy” songs now days the ones with the worst lyrics and the worst meanings? Not only are the words ones that are not always socially accepted in most situations, but the subliminal messaging influences young men and women from middle school on up that girls are things and that substances are the best and only way to live. This is a topic that people have thought about, but one that is not always directly addressed. By looking at it closer in the Eagle News it gives people the opportunity to do more critical thinking and give feedback on the their favorite types of music.

  20. Stephanie Rieselman permalink
    May 20, 2013 5:21 pm

    1. Highlight a different RSO (Registered Student Organization) every week offered at FGCU. There are a diverse range of clubs at FGCU, but many students (including myself) don’t know of many. Clubs offer a great way to get involved on campus and because there is such a vast array of them offered on campus, there is something for everyone. A simple description and highlight on a specific club each week really helps promote student involvement and what clubs are out there for students.

    2. Highlight a section on FGCU’s day care center. Many people do not realize the support that the family resource center provides for families, especially for single parents attending the university. What is it like to be a single parent attending a university full time/part time? Many students struggle juggling school and work, however when a kid is added into the equation, it makes things more difficult.

    3. Alumni section – feature an individual alumni that recently got employed in a particular field every week. Where did they look? How did they come across the job? In today’s economy many students are skeptical of being employed after college. A look into life after FGCU could really promote awareness in a certain field of work that another current student may be interested in. This can also help boost optimism for what the future holds for current students.

    4. Advice column for incoming freshman – what to expect when coming into college, questions regarding financial aid, transportation, security, food plans, etc. There could even be a Q&A section where freshman could submit their own questions or concerns and receive answers.

    5. A column for Greek Life could be really beneficial to the student body. Students would be able to become familiar with what Greek Life is all about, and all the the sororities/fraternities offered on campus, as well as what they’re each about. Every week students could be more informed on the events being held by each Greek Organization.

  21. Mallory Steele permalink
    May 20, 2013 5:55 pm

    1. Dorm stories- Stories fit to help students get used to leaving their privacy and learning how to live with a new unknown person. This section will interview people telling you about their personal experiences living in the dorms. and tips on how to keep the situation fun and neutral.

    2. Budgeting-A look into where a college student spends most their money and how to cut back and save more of it. Tying into this concept we will look at the fun options here on campus that are free, as well as the discounts in the community for being a FGCU student.

    3. Stress Relievers- A article that interviews students during finals and looks at some effective ways to deal with stress, besides the normal excessive eating of awful foods, outlandish breakdowns, and pure panic.

    4. College Dating- A section that gives good ideas for planning fun dates on a budget. Either on campus or off. However, this section will also talk about how students around campus can survive long distance relationships and the pros and cons that come along with it while in college.

    5. Hot-Spots- A section that interviews students that tell the reader all the fun hot spots in Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, and Bonita Springs. Places locals/students know that are popular for their awesome food, popular nightlife, or best live music.

  22. Marissa Weiley permalink
    May 20, 2013 6:24 pm

    1.) 5 Things You Wish You Knew When You Came To College (what to wear/bring to class, how to choose classes effectively, get the most for your money when shopping for food, CAPS, increasing social life on campus.)
    2.) Things To Look For When Buying A Car (car buying 101)
    3.) Trolling For The Right Roommate (things to look for and things to avoid)
    4.) Fun In The Sun 101 (tips for terrific tanning while keeping your skin safe in the Florida heat)
    5.) How To Balance Working While Going To School (budgeting your time, money, and talent, while keeping your grades up and still getting some sleep.)

  23. Nick Tavel permalink
    May 20, 2013 6:33 pm

    1.Studying Abroad – When Fall semester starts they can do an article about all the students who studies in other countries for their summer course, or students who visited overseas for the summer. Students who worked for internships in other countries or states may work as well and they can all share their experiences.

    2.Infrastructure – An article that highlights every single infrastructure that will open during Fall 2014 and there uses, who it applies to, and how this will affect the student life. A list of the buildings and places that are planned out to be built can be used as well.

    3.Freshman Life – With Dunk City finally getting their name out there, the number of admissions will increase as well. How is this going to affect life at the freshmen dorms? Are they going to have enough space or are they planning Eagle hall to give residence to some of these students expected to arrive shortly?

    4.Schedules – A small section, like a chart, with all the schedules of all the places on campus, their opening and closing times. This includes SoVi, the Cohen Center, the bookstore, the library, Starbucks, the gym, and the waterfront. This can also be divided between weekdays and weekends.

    5.Jobs Needed – A section where students can see job offers that the campus is offering, it can go from working at the bookstore all the way to the gym’s instructors. A reference to websites or places where students can go to find such wanted jobs and application forms for them as well.

  24. Karli Gomes permalink
    May 20, 2013 11:11 pm

    1. After college- An part of the paper where you can look more into depth of the amazing accomplishments that are being made as students depart into the reality of life after leaving college.

    2. Yard sale section- Students in college are always moving into new houses after each year. So those who are graduating may be selling furniture or certain items that new students may need. In this section you can sell your no longer needed items to students who may be in need of them.

    3. Spotlight- Students who should be noticed for their excellence on campus. Whether it’s academic or just extra curricular. Everyone deserves to have the chance to be noticed on campus.

    4. Places to volunteer- Since this campus is so ready to help there should be a section for places that are looking for volunteers. Students would have a better idea of where help is needed.

    5. World news- One small section in the news paper can be devoted to filling students in with a major even that is going on in the world. We all need to be informed.

  25. Kelsey Nunn permalink
    May 21, 2013 12:32 am

    1. Something I would be really interested in seeing an article on is the history behind the religious people that stand in the library green and yell religious thing at you. I see him all the time, but I’m not really sure why he’s there. Alotnofnstudents make fun of them, and I feel it would bring alot attention to the paper.
    2. I would love for the newspaper to talk about greek life achievements. I see alot of other cubs and team achievements in there, but not really many greek ones.
    3. I think it would be cool for them to do an article on what clubs there are to join at our school, meeting times for these clubs ect. This would be useful for alot of students.
    4. Do something emphasizing on different things were doing to be a “green school”. During orientation you learn all about it, but I feel like after your in, it kind of goes mute,
    5. I feel they should do like “student of the weeks”. Other students can nominate someone and share a personal expirence with this person, and this everyone that’s nominated can get a little article in the newspaper.

  26. Wyatt Blatt permalink
    May 21, 2013 12:36 am

    1. Scheduling Advice- Knowing how a lot of students always have trouble picking classes, especially freshman, because they don’t know what their major requires, if the classes are good, or even if the professors are easy or not there should be a section with advice from upper classmen providing all of this information which can limit the mistakes made by students.

    2. Around Town- This section is directly devoted to providing all of the students with information on any deals on food or items in the Fort Myers area since we are college students.

    3. Coupons- Once again we are college students and anything helps with money.

    4. Job Section- A lot of students need jobs to help them stay afloat so if anyone in the paper knows if any store is hiring and the contact information.

    5. Service Hour Opportunities- Since we need a certain amount of service hours to graduate it would be great to have many recommendations from experienced students.

  27. May 23, 2013 10:48 am

    Student Profiles – Take nominations from around the campus community on students to profile each week, taking into consideration their varied interests, accomplishments, and future aspirations.

    Alumni Follow-Up – Track down successful alumni around the world based on their varied current adventures while also highlighting different job opportunities alumni are involved in. Coupling the alumni profile with that of a local business who hires FGCU grads is also something that could be of great interest to students.

    Area Specials – Publish the local specials, discounts, and student prices for area food and bar establishments. From $1 drafts to half price apps, everyone would be interested in a piece as this.

    Classroom Nightmares – What’s your worst experience in class? A horrible professor or terrible group project grinding your gears? How about a crappy computer that crashes amist your research paper. The stories are endlist, so hopefully the pity is as well.

    Staff/Faculty Roundup – Profiles of some of FGCU’s best and brightest staff and faculty, from adjuncts to deans. Show the faces of what we are really about and give some much due credit to our unsung heroes.

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