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January 16, 2013

David Carrr, a Media Decoder blogger at the New York Times, who describes himself as “a reporter and columnist with the attention span of a water bug,” participated in an IAmA chat on reddit Tuesday afternoon. Carr is about as “alternative” as it gets at the Old Gray Lady, and he can be provocative. He blogged Monday about Lance and Oprah as participants in a journalistic ritual. His Media Equation column last weekend presented a thoughtful read about whether news organizations should publish all information that’s in the public record. He used the recent kerfuffle over a newspaper’s publication of the names and addresses of people who had applied for handgun permits. Read the transcript, the blog and the column, and decide (and decode) for yourself.

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  1. Paul Mattras permalink
    January 18, 2013 3:39 pm

    There will always be skepticism as to whether news organizations should publish information from the public record. There are certain instances where this can be justified. Lets take the Lance Armstrong scandal as an example. Sure, the whole situation is Mr. Armstrong’s problem, but his story has an affect on other people. When an event such as this scandal happens, our society is affected. The charitable work, the Tour de France championships, and all the other accolades pertaining to Armstrong tie together with the general public. For this reason and this reason only, it should be published publically. There are other instances, however, where news shouldn’t exactly be cosidered public. For example, the publication of the names and addresses of people who applied for handgun permits is absolutely absurd. Not only does this paint a target on all of these innocent peoples’ backs, but this type of information has entirely NO effect on society whatsoever. As Americans these people are entitled by their Bill of Rights to own a handgun. Publishing this information is an invasion of privacy. There will always be two sides to an issue of such sensitivity. News should be published if it affects American society. If it doesn’t, it should not be news.

  2. Carolina Garcia permalink
    January 20, 2013 12:00 pm

    At the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether I can trust what this guy wrote, especially after reading the transcript. As I had written in my notes about him,

    “I was quite surprised by the transcript of this guy. Is this a joke? There was information in there that made me think to myself, “Why would he ever write that?” For example, “I smoke cigarettes and ride bikes, though never at the same time.” Who cares about that? Who really cares if someone smokes or rides bikes?”

    When I read about the publishing of the gun owners’ information though, I began trusting him more. What he had written was exactly what had been going through my mind when I had first heard about this publication.

    After rereading what I had just written, I’m truly not sure anymore. “What he had written was exactly what had been going through my mind when I had first heard about this publication.” That, I believe, was an opinion. I thought what I had been thinking was common sense, but now I’m not sure.

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