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Bonus Blog Comment!

November 25, 2012

Eagle News is the official student media source for news and information at FGCU. You should be able to find it on display in racks around campus, where it’s free for the taking, one copy per student. (You’ve already paid for it through fees.)  Eagle News content is also available online. In advance of writing your comment (REPLY ON THIS PAGE!) about Eagle News, be sure to check out the newspaper and its website and even its archives. Think about the news and information you find there. How useful is it to you, as an FGCU student? What about its quality? (Remember, Eagle News is a living, learning laboratory for students, not professionals!) What about the kinds of stories, photos, and video you find in Eagle News? For your Bonus Blog Comment assignment (optional and useful only if you are missing a grade or want to try to replace a low grade with this as potentially a higher one), which you must post in reply here by 7:15 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, list five story ideas, with brief descriptions, that you suggest Eagle News consider pursuing in the near future. Your comment should be brief: simply five numbered items.

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  1. November 25, 2012 7:20 pm

    1. Health and Wellness
    Providing tips for staying in shape, gym hours, athletic tryouts, and weekly sport activities.

    2. Scholarship Opportunities
    Providing information by major/minor or financial need. Offering contact info, deadlines, and requirements.

    3. Online Polls
    Asking for students opinions and insights about their interests, campus life, ect. ( food, sports, dating, ect.)

    4. Campus Clubs
    Information on meetings and/or competitions. “Spotlighting” a club on it’s achievements or highlighting it’s daily activities.

    5. Performing Arts
    Information on dance, theatre, and other arts. Publishing a students drawing/painting or reviewing a dance,theatre performance.

  2. Brandon Kirsch permalink
    November 25, 2012 8:29 pm

    – Statistics of students at this school compared to other universities. I know you can find that on .edu sites of schools, but I think research outside of GPA would be interesting.

    -“Why did you chose FGCU?” Ask students why they chose to come to this school and if they are enjoying there time here.

    -Student-Athlete Spo(r)tlight. Most students would like to know more about the athletes we have playing sports for us, so make a piece where you ask general questions (Favorite Movie, Athlete, Food?) and publish it.

    -Greek Life Update. Highlight some of the happenings that are currently going on with fraternities and sororities.

    -Ask “Brandon Kirsch”. A section of the paper where students write in with problems and someone on the newspaper staff writes a witty,funny response.

  3. Kyle Linkous (noon) permalink
    November 26, 2012 12:49 am

    1. A poll showing favorite past events put on at FGCU, so we know what is most popular and gives in coming a students a chance to see what has happened at this school in the past.

    2. “Hiring!” Articles that show places on campus hiring. It would allow students to know better who needs workers and who is filled at the moment. Explain what is needed in the job and the task being performed.

    3. “Pros and Cons.” Interview students about the good and bad experiences they have had at FGCU to show others what they most like about the school, as well as the negatives.

    4. From a Student’s Perspective. Occasionally allow for students to submit a story about something that happened on campus that would interest the public. If they saw something, had an idea, or just wanted to share an opinion. It would give us a chance to see what happens on campus everyday.

    5. Where to live? Where to live? Ask students living in all areas of campus (south village, north lake, or west lake) and have them describe the pros and cons of each area, giving people an idea of what its like living in each.

  4. Gianna Libretti permalink
    November 26, 2012 1:14 pm

    – Finals week preparations – Tips and advice to get through finals week. Ways to manage time so you don’t cram everything the night before a final

    – Make a survey sleep deprivation and stress in college and how students handle managing and getting through it

    – College eating – tips and recipes for easy and cheap meals to make on a tight budget

    – Article about monitoring your social media pages. Talk about prospective employers being able to find information about employees through the social media and why students should be careful about what they post online

    – The growth of FGCU over the years. An article that shows somewhat of a timeline of how far FGCU has advanced over the years. Also maybe a survey of what FGCU students would like the university to provide that it does not already.

  5. Bobbie Santiago permalink
    November 26, 2012 6:02 pm

    -“Inside the Locker Room” for students to read about the different teams and what they do outside the courts,field,pool, etc.
    -Advice column for students with problems and what to submit something anonymously.
    -Dating Questionnaires or something that could bring people with similar interests together.
    -Teacher ratings for people curious about what teachers to choose for the next semester.
    -College tips- for incoming freshman or transfers that want to know what they should be aware of, and what they should and should not do.

  6. Aubrie Gerber permalink
    November 26, 2012 10:31 pm

    -Q & A about students in their majors and why they choose them.

    -Updates on fun local events in the area.

    -Coupons for local places.

    -Personal interviews with professors.

    -Articles about alumni getting jobs and whether college prepared them or not.

  7. Jennifer McGuire permalink
    November 27, 2012 9:49 am

    -Interview some students about what studying habits work for them so that other students can reference off of it to help fight off test anxiety.

    -Have a section or a link to a calendar of sporting and other events at FGCU available on the homepage.

    -Find one of the students smoking outside of the designated areas (happens daily) and take a photo of him or her (or a few of them) and make an article about the importance of smoking in designated areas.

    -Interview some alumni and share what their experiences at FGCU were like from last year to even when the school just opened.

    -Maybe cover a story about the purpose of the area on the green in front of the library and express who has spoken there and what events have taken place their recently.

    • Jennifer McGuire permalink
      November 27, 2012 9:51 am

      Sorry about the typos:
      Cover a story*
      have taken place there*

  8. kenzipolotto permalink
    November 27, 2012 11:37 am

    ~A section that updates the students on upcoming activities and events that are taking place on campus.

    ~An article regarding the future of tuition at FGCU that updates the students about their possible expenses for their future schooling.

    ~An article covering the accomplishments of scholars that attend or attended this university.

    ~A column that offers advice for the freshman from the upper class that helped them get through homework, exams, and campus life.

    ~A section that offers suggestions for living cheaprer, such as cheap places to eat, get gas, hang out, or buy groceries when you have to live on a budget.

  9. Rebecca Dallman permalink
    November 27, 2012 11:52 am

    1. Good gifts to buy this holiday season (for the price & trendiness)
    2. Keeping up with Greek (trying to get inside scoop of whats going on in each organization)
    3.Best places to eat around FGCU for the price!
    4.How the craziness of Dooms Day (12/21/12) has seemingly been put on the back burners, and if it will be a day of more craziness?!
    5. Give blood! The importance of giving blood especially during holiday season, & why there is a blood bus in front of campus 4/5 days a week!

  10. Amanda Fouda permalink
    November 27, 2012 12:11 pm

    -An article about the food pantry. When is it open, how can we use it, and where is it.

    -An article on different way to prepare for finals week. Have extra tips for freshman who are going through it for their first time.

    -How to avoid the Freshman 15. An article on ways to be healthy while living on campus. Including how to schedule your time to avoid stress.

    -FGCU over the years. An article that involves interviews from students and faculty to show how much the University has changed.

    -Article on the projected estimate on next years tuition and what things we might expect to see next semester.

  11. Karen M Aguirre Lopez permalink
    November 27, 2012 2:39 pm

    * A section that covers weekly sales that will take place locally, such as Miromar outlets and Gulf Coast Town Center.

    * A chart statistically showing the time it takes for a student to succeed in the more challenging classes; this will give students an idea of what they are getting themselves into before registering for classes.

    * Before registration, a rate my professor advertisement would be nice. As a freshman I was unaware of the website and by the end of the semester I took a look at it and it was accurate.

    * A video putting the history of FGCU together, I know the University started off very small and it would be neat to see the progress it has made over the years.

    * A Jokes section would be entertaining, it would relieve some stress before going to class.

  12. Kaitlin Parker permalink
    November 27, 2012 3:16 pm

    ~Job Opportunities- they should talk about different business’ around FGCU that are looking to hire students or even business’ at school that are looking for someone to hire.

    ~Sports Recreation- should tell students and give them updates on sports and events that the recreation things they are hosting for the school, to get people more involved.

    ~How to eat Healthy- most freshman know of that cliché line “freshman 15” made pointing out some healthy foods will get students to eat healthier.

    ~Stats- maybe take a survey and ask certain questions that students are wondering about and posts the results in the paper.

    ~Black Friday- any crazy stories, tips for shopping, etc.

  13. November 27, 2012 3:29 pm

    Article that offers advice for newcomers on how to handle finals week stress .

    Article on the reason why tuition surprisingly increases.

    A section which lists events offered on campus throughout the year, offering activities and free food!

    Story on what makes athletes choose FGCU for their sports career.

    A section showing local job opening on campus and around the neighboring area.

  14. Brandon Felder permalink
    November 27, 2012 5:16 pm

    1. FGCU Cribs. Show some videos online of on campus housing.
    2. Health-the common colds or viruses going around campus and how to prevent them or cure them.
    3. Military-the possibility of an ROTC program at FGCU.
    4. Retention-ways to decrease retention rates and bring back first year students.
    5. Rumor Guide-telling the facts about rumors going around campus.

  15. November 27, 2012 7:00 pm

    1. Events-Anything special going on.
    2. Health- articles on proepr nutrition and exercise
    3. Advice on how to handle things like cleaning and laundry.
    4. Debates- Arguments for or against certain issues.
    5. CHanges- Changes to things like schedule or budgets..

  16. Amanda Pellerino permalink
    November 27, 2012 7:13 pm

    1. “Who’s hiring?” There should be a section on who is hiring on and off campus for students who are job seeking.

    2. “Where to live” Other than the dorms, the paper could have a listing of other places nearby that are available for rent, and affordable for students (if any).

    3. “What to do” If there was a section on what to do around the town, maybe students wouldn’t be so apt to go to the bars.

    4. “Study tips” With finals coming up it would be nice to see something about how other students study best.

    5. “Healthy eating habits” Ways to eat healthy on a budget in college, and afforable places to eat close by.

  17. Jennifer Morgan permalink
    November 27, 2012 9:11 pm

    Housing Anyone? – Campus housing is something that is limited iFGCU. There should be a section where house listings around campus or apartments form previous students who are moving can be listed. Especially for people new to the area, this helps to know where is good to live for college students.

    Senior survey- Survey the people who know this school best! Every year thousands of seniors graduate. I think their input, future vision and experience is important to the students that are still here and it should be heard.

    Healthy Eating Habits- Healthy eating is a common problem among college students. A list of quick tips specific to the season, ex Christmas or Thanksgiving, would be great to help students make better choices.

    Interview athletes- At FGCU we have a lot of really good athletic teams. I think there should be a section for every team so that they get equal coverage. Everyone is interested in different sports so it’s important to cover them all equally and extensively.

    Major, Minor?- A very common issue for college students is what to do with their future and the majors they have selected. A section with how majors translate into the real world and interviews with students who have done internships and have incite is very helpful for undecided students.

  18. Jake Johnson (noon) permalink
    November 28, 2012 3:20 am

    1) Breaking A Sweat- Perhaps a column on Fitness Center happenings (Busiest hours, general cleanliness, weekly strongman competition, etc…)

    2) The Aftermath — Students often follow a path blindly with no real idea of what they will do after graduation. I recommend a section on what alumni are doing with they’re lives. This could shed some light on the subject and help students progress in life.

    3) Deals Of The Day– Might i suggest a section that shows sales and/or new inventory in the book store.

    4) Meal Steals — A section on how to shop for healthy and plentiful food without breaking the bank.

    5) Adder-for-All — What are the possible consequences/ dangers of taking too much adderall during finals week

  19. Rocio Castineira permalink
    November 28, 2012 9:45 am

    1. With the holidays coming up, let’s read something controversial: Write about Jesus or Hanukkah. How about how I am not supposed to put “Merry Christmas” on my signature at work, it has to be “Happy Holidays”. Get some people fired up, and I am sure you will have great letters to the editor!
    2. The shift of the traditional college student: many of us are now holding full time jobs, the number of night and online classes have increased to accommodate these “non-traditional” student.
    3. Personally, I would love an humorous opinion column. Some of them can get a little serious at times. Once a week, find someone to poke fun at something so we can all keep our sanity!
    4. Living in SWFL: local homes for rent, average cost for renting a home/apartment in the area
    5. An article on budgeting. We are in college. We spend way too much on dining out, and probably more than that at the bar. What are some ways to budget ourselves a little better?

  20. Heather Coutts permalink
    November 28, 2012 10:22 am

    More Coverage- I think if you cover the other, not as big sports as opposed to the usual ones like Soccer, Baseball/Softball, and Basketball. And make it more public, so people can learn more about the other sports.

    Popular Majors – So that people can see, not only how popular their major is, but let them see what other majors there are that they may not even know exist on campus.

    Healthy Eating Habits

    FGCU Updates – Current updates about financial, expansion, and new classes available in the next semester.

    Questions from students and answers from professors and staff

  21. Ben Grollman permalink
    November 28, 2012 11:05 am

    1. History of some of the basketball players-if any grew up under adverse conditions, a story could tell their past to the student body.
    2. Simple recipes to cook in your dorm-every student could use this.
    3. A list of mom and pop restaurants and businesses in the area-not only would we break away from big box stores, we would help our local economy.
    4. Follow intramural sports since so many students participate.
    5. Write a story on where students can vacation for a good price-every student is tight with cash, yet we all want to vacation. This would show us where we could spend winter break, spring break, and summer.

  22. James permalink
    November 28, 2012 12:10 pm

    1. More coverage of how our money is spent here at FGCU. Specifically, more coverage of the student government and what they spend where.

    2. President Bradshaw’s attempt to try and single handedly take control of tuition increases on a year to year basis. Interview Bradshaw and his opposition (most likely students).

    3. At the beginning of each semester, there should be a “Freshman Focus”, highlighting clubs, athletics and other important events around campus.

    4. I think there should be on-going political debates on campus. Each semester, we should have the Young Republicans, Young Democrats, Libertarians etc. sit down and debate some issues that face us locally and nationally. This will help people sharpen their debate skills, their knowledge and if they don;t have a preference, perhaps they will find they agree more with one organization than another.

    5. I think religious groups should get more coverage in Eagle News. Where they meet, who they are and how you join!

  23. Amber Dwyer-Williams permalink
    November 28, 2012 1:17 pm

    1. Final exam study tips written from students themselves to give underclassmen an idea of how to prepare.
    2. Teacher ratings which could help students decide which professor they should pick for a class.
    3. Easy to make dinner recipes for students living on tight budgets in dorms.
    4. Health tips for better eating.habits to avoid “freshman 15”.
    5. Statistics of how the school has grown, and.graduation rates.

  24. Lauren Neiman permalink
    November 28, 2012 1:21 pm

    1. Are dorms better than apartments? – asking students how they feel about the dorm life and if they prefer is over apartment living.
    2. Grade Changes – Students who have transferred from other colleges or universities grade difference. Did their grades improve? Decline? Or stay the same?
    3. Jobs! – An article or section of the paper that has local jobs on or off campus that are hiring for part time work.
    4. Student Photography – A student photography section where students can send in their own photography they took during school events or of the nature filled campus.
    5. Events Calendar – A calendar with all the events and times

  25. Brett Sutton permalink
    November 28, 2012 1:32 pm

    1) Job search- A section in the newspaper dedicated to helping students find available jobs in the area
    2) Scholarship opportunities- A informative section in which students may learn what scholarships are being offered and reminders of their deadlines
    3) Sports related articles that let the readers get to know the athletes and when the games are happening. For everything from basketball to ice hockey
    4) An article discussing the pros and cons of living on campus vs living off campus
    5) Interviews with students about what they like and dislike about FGCU

  26. November 28, 2012 1:33 pm

    1) Student interviews- what do students want to bring most to FGCU in the future such as a future football team, what new food chains do they want to see on campus, what new greek organizations do they want to come on campus?

    2.) Health and wellness- how to eat healthy in college, local gyms around campus, hours of gym on campus, find out and offer the healthiest meal choices to get at each restaurant on campus

    3.) Greek life- Spotlight on a different organization, if an organization has recently done something big on campus or off campus around the community.

    4.) Job hirings- listing different job offers in the area or on campus

    5.) Where to live off campus- List affordable neighborhoods where college students live for students who are looking to move off campus in the future

  27. Tyler Deuell permalink
    November 28, 2012 2:57 pm

    1- Have a section where seniors give freshman advice on what to do and what not to do.

    2- Ask students what could be added to enhance their experience at this school.

    3- Get articles about what goes on outside of the school.

    4- Sections about what students learn in different majors.

    5- A section where students can put their input about the school and what goes on around them.

  28. Michelle Roman permalink
    November 28, 2012 3:31 pm

    1. A story on student musicians, rappers and singers. -Christian Catlin is a sophomore here and has recently released a mix tape called Loud Pack Music. A story on him would be very interesting.

    2. Tuition- An article showing exactly where all of our money goes and why it increases so much every year.

    3. Saving money – An article about quick easy ways to save money.

    4. Football – Insights on the possibilities of a football team in the future.

    5. Ceramics – A story on the ceramics art programs and the events they have, interview students and photograph their projects.

  29. Logan Marion permalink
    November 28, 2012 3:34 pm

    – A Girls Best Friend section showing the best and most affordable places to shop, get your nails done, etc.
    -A fitness section showing healthy food options, workout routines, and other healthy lifestyle tips
    -A story on the growth of our FGCU school showing where it started and where it is now compared to other Universities both in state and out of state
    -An advice column readers can submit questions for online to be answered in the paper
    – A story on the effects of Adderall and other frequently used “study” drugs on the college population

  30. Johanna Sterkel permalink
    November 28, 2012 3:40 pm

    1. An International Food Section: Introduces different foods from all over the world, provides a recipe, and gives background information.

    2. A Classified Advertisement Section: FGCU students advertise selling previously owned good(s) for FGCU students to purchase. Ex: Furniture, appliances, etc.

    3. “Getting to Know Our Athletes“ Section: Provide interviews of our student–athletes.

    4. Job Opportunity and Internship Section: Inform the student body of the employment and internship opportunities.

    5. “What‘s Happening On Each Continent ” Section: Educates students of the current events taking place on each continent. Also, discusses the effects of issues in relation to the world and the United States.

  31. anissa santos permalink
    November 28, 2012 4:07 pm

    FGCU Activities
    Event column so new FGCU students are aware of activities on campus.

    Lots of students have no idea where to find cheap affordable living; because the dorms are expensive and really small.

    advertisement for possible job opportunities. Really helpful to new students who do not know the area.

    Fashion week/ Trends
    Students care about the latest trend or what people are wearing. Fashion is always something fun to read about.

    Freshmen advice column
    Include advice on classes and places to receive help like the writing center. lots of freshmen don’t know about that.

  32. gabriellasavoia permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:23 pm

    1. Building more classrooms and buildings
    There is a certain number of acres that FGCU is suppose to leave open for wildlife habitat. But we also need more buildings. Are they going to go back on their word and build on that property?

    2. Coupons
    Links to websites or stores (Publix, Walmart, etc.) that have the best deals or coupons. Even for things like car washes, oil changes, etc.

    3. Alcohol!
    What are the best drinking spots. Happy hours should be listed.

    4. Tweets from last night!
    I know we have Texts From Last Night in Eagle News already, but it might be entertaining (and to get people tweeting) about #FGCU.

    5. Roommate Hell.
    Everyone, at one point or another, has a horrible roommate. I think it’d be funny if we had an anonymous write-in page that posts horrible/funny/gross/mean roommate stories that are going on.

    6. Conservation.
    I know FGCU is an “eco-friendly” school and all, which is great. But I also know it is suppose to save us money. If we installed all of these things to save money, why do we have to cut back on cut the library hours, etc.? I’d like to know if our “green” campus is really helping us out cost wise.

    7. Parking garage nightmare.
    The parking garages are nuts. For whatever reason, everyone likes to drive 100mph around the turns. I don’t know why people risk hurting their car or pedestrians just to get a parking spot. I’d like to know how many accidents there are and interview some people who have had incidents (maybe hit and run) so that we can call attention to this problem.

    8. Why is our Angel email so awful.
    Enough said.

    9. Local music.
    A section where local bands and artists are playing around town every week. Maybe post their Facebook or Twitter link to check them out.

  33. Christian Catlin permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:28 pm

    1.Suggested Classes
    A section on classes to take that may be interesting or may be unique to FGCU. This way students can utilize and take advantage of these classes.
    2. Local Music.
    Do a section on up and coming musical artists who attend FGCU. Such as myself and many others.
    3. Local Business
    A section on local business close by that may benefit students, such as barber shops, or small restaurants.
    4. Tutoring
    A section that gives times and dates of tutoring sessions and hints to help students on certain subjects.
    5. Health
    A section on affordable meals and snacks for students that may benefit their health, and tips to improve your overall wellbeing

  34. Kristina Schmidling permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:35 pm

    1. A list somewhere in the paper telling the hours things on campus on are open. I always find myself questioning closing times of the food places and the library. It’d be convenient to just pick up the paper and see.

    2. More about local events that are close to campus that students can attend.

    3. For the Eagle News website: More polls and surveys getting information and opinions from students about sports, clubs, events on campus, etc.

    4. A page featuring students doing inspirational things. Maybe about dedicated volunteers or students involved in music or something unique.

    5. More information on different scholarships available. More information about FGCU statistics in comparison to other colleges in Florida and around the U.S. It’s interesting to see the differences in different universities.

  35. Patrick Duffy permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:42 pm

    1. Better Coverage of stories that affect us as a community.
    most of the stories are only stories that affect the students which should be first and foremost but, there seems to be a lack of local coverage outside of that.
    2. More LGBT friendly.
    There are not to many stories concerning the LGBT population in school
    3. help wanted/ jobs
    Every one of my friends seems to ask about where is there to work? Who’s hiring? it would be nice if the paper helped with that
    4. Local Music section.
    It would be nice to hear more about what music is offered in the area, who’s the up and coming artists
    5. Events.
    Students have a hard time finding things to do. again like a help wanted section, putting that in the paper would be highly beneficial to the student body

  36. Beverley Laguerre (NOON) permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:44 pm

    1. Events
    The Events going on at school should be posted in a section of the newspaper so the students can be more involved instead of only in the Cohen Center.

    2. Tips on applying for College Scholarships
    Students would like to know some of the Scholarships that are out there that may be helpful to them.

    3. Final Exams
    Getting students opinions on how to prepare for your final exams, especially for first time in college students who may need the advice.

    4. Success tips for incoming freshmen.
    Maybe an advice column for the freshmen and getting quotes from upperclassmen.

    5. Part time Jobs.
    Jobs that are in the area or on campus for students should be made publicly known.

  37. Aaron Fox-Snider permalink
    November 28, 2012 5:50 pm

    1. How sports recruitment works at FGCU

    2. Information on any study abroad program

    3. A Questionnaire that talks to waterfront employees

    4. Then and now article on former FGCU students

    5. Article on Sovi dinning nutrition facts

  38. November 28, 2012 6:00 pm

    1. An article about the things to do around campus.
    2. Something about eating healthy and also what to buy at the grocery store when on a budget.
    3.A follow up story on the FGCU students caught soliciting young women.
    4. An article on good Christmas gift ideas this year.
    5. Good places for students to look for part time jobs around the area.

  39. Tim Murphy permalink
    November 28, 2012 6:45 pm

    An activity column
    An update of all things that are going on around campus that week. Whats going on in south village, north lake, and west lake. Also events on the library lawn.

    A weekly advice column
    It could be interesting and attract more readers. Students could ask questions regarding relationships or classes and it could help people out.

    In my high school paper we had a section called off beat. It would take up one page or so and would be a silly or serious question and then 10 or so random people would be asked to answer it. Their picture would be taken with their response in the paper. It got readers interested to see responses and see if anyone they knew made it in that week.

    A weekly comical cartoon section
    This could benefit in a few ways. First people would love to read it and the cartoons would either make you think or laugh. We could also have it connected to the art program where its an extra credit opportunity if your cartoon makes it into the paper.

    A where are they now page.
    Feature an alumni of FGCU and explain their story after college. Hopefully it’s a success story but it would be interesting to read where some alumni end up.

  40. Reanna Edwards permalink
    November 28, 2012 6:45 pm

    1. Featured RSOs (registered student organizations)
    There are hundreds of clubs on campus and I’m not entirely sure the online database is up to date on all of them. By featuring RSOs every week new students can have a glimpse at what they could be involved in depending on their interests. This could definitely help freshmen get involved earlier on rather than waiting until their sophomore or junior years.

    2. Alternative food/lifestyles
    I’m a vegan and I know plenty of other vegans, vegetarians, raw and gluten free students who would really benefit from a column or weekly recipe that catered to alternative diets and make us feel more welcome at FGCU amongst all the fast food chains on campus.

    3. Health & Wellness
    A schedule of the classes and group sessions at the gym would be beneficial to FGCU students. There is a schedule online, but it’s deep within the website. This could include special events going on at the gym or Wellness Center.

    4. Things to do in Fort Myers
    This would be a weekly blurb about fun activities, events, or places to go in the area. It could include mom & pop shops, interesting places, festivals in the area, etc.

    5. Job opportunities
    I know I’m not the only broke college student who can’t find a job. Job opportunities listed in Eagle News that might be better suited for college students would be greatly appreciated.

  41. Brittany Brodowsky permalink
    November 28, 2012 6:57 pm

    *A Major Awareness Section: Where one specific major is chosen every week to be discussed.

    *How FGCU has expanded more than it originally was expected to. Address how the population of students has grown and how that has affected class sizes and building on FGCU land area.

    *Health Section: Pre-exam dos and don’ts, a recipe section for quick and easy meals and health tips from the Wellness Center.

    *Student Business Section: Where students can advertise their different profitable skills.

    *An end of the semester highlights page. A review of the whole semester at the end of the semester to remember all of the fun activities and events that our school provides.

  42. perryaustin permalink
    November 28, 2012 8:07 pm

    1.MARIJUANA: Campus Use
    Is it a problem? Or is it the sole reason for Lola Loca’s success? Either way, it’s here and seems like its here to stay. Students get kicked out of Housing frequently for use. States like Colorado and Washington just ended the prohibition of cannabis for recreational use provided you are 21. If this was the case in Florida, how would the schools policies change accordingly?

    2. How many of your peers drop their classes?
    The amount of students dropping classes their freshmen year is pretty high i’m sure, i hear way too much about it. I want to know how many and how many classes are dropped per semester here at fgcu to pose a question. are freshmen students taking their classes seriously?

    3. Designated Drivers
    Do you have a ride? How many students get DUI’s? how to stay safe and organize something called a carpool

    4. Does You’re Internet Suck?
    As a result of bad connection complaints the school has administered surveys for weeks now. Are students money going to where they should be, like fixing the over taxed “soviet era” network infrastructure? what is the process for update?

    5. Study Week
    Study week is coming, are you ready to study? How will most students spend there time before finals

  43. Dylan Payne permalink
    November 29, 2012 7:23 pm

    1. An expanded view of the FGCU area that includes Gulf Coast Town Center and Miramar events and opportunities.

    2. Coverage of a few state or national issues or situations.

    3. Student made comics to expand offer more artistic students a taste of what it takes to do a comic strip in the real world.

    4. A classified section where students can connect for a common gain.

    5. It is a little over the top, but a picture scavenger hunt that can be sent to Eagle News for a prize. List 5 or 6 things around the FGCU campus and surrounding area in each issue. This could encourage people to not only read the paper, but also explore what FGCU has to offer.

  44. Kelly Brachle permalink
    November 29, 2012 10:57 pm

    – Does your major matter? A study on how many graduates are actually working in the fields they studied…and how many are not.
    – Trials and tribulations of the non-traditional student: Balancing career, family, and school.
    – Group projects: Psychosocial experiment, preparation for real life, or just cruel torture?
    – Follow up on the change of library hours – how has it been affecting students?
    – Pregnant on campus: Are there expecting students at FGCU? What is the college experience like with a bun in the oven?

  45. Amanda Reese permalink
    November 30, 2012 9:43 pm

    1. The number of sport teams that have continually won the A sun conference
    2. Animals sightings on campus such as bears and wolves
    3. Articles exploring different majors to show what other options students have
    4. Info about fraternity and sorority events/probations
    5. Tutoring times and places

  46. Damisa Cooper (noon) permalink
    November 30, 2012 11:01 pm

    1) Cheerleading: FGCU cheer experienced “grounding” within the last week, coaching staff changes, and is being banned by the athletics department from competing as a sport in NCA nationals, why?

    2) Freshman Dorms: How many freshman transfer out of South Village after the fall semester because of the uncomfortable living conditions etc.

    3) First Pick?: How many students say FGCU was their first school of choice, why or why is it not a fist pick school?

    4) Really Green: Although our school promotes an environmentally respectful attitude what is the actual impact of our “green” measures, and how many students take “green” living seriously

    5) Living: Compare the costs of living in an apartment off campus, each on campus housing village, a house off campus, or living at home with parents which choice is actually cheaper?

  47. Joal Felner permalink
    December 2, 2012 10:49 am

    1. A story on different things that students at this school like and do not like about the school. A poll or interviews would be needed.
    2. A story on nutrition. College students are not known for having good diets. The story should give examples of popular nutritional food and give the effects of a poor diet.
    3. A story on what FGCU students would like to have here at the school that we do not already have.
    4. A story on the timeline of the school; how it started out to how it gradually became bigger and also what is possibly in store for FGCU’s future.
    5. Where to find a place to live. A story showing houses and apartments for rent in the area.

  48. Laura Tichy-Smith permalink
    December 2, 2012 4:47 pm

    My Top Five Story Ideas for the Eagle News
    (Sorry, this isn’t going to be brief, so feel free to give me a zero for this blog comment.)

    What is the purpose of any news media outlet?
    Why do people even bother to pick up a paper or visit a news website?

    The answers to these questions shape my recommendations to the Eagle News. I see a lot of our campus papers left on the racks unread. The Eagle News Facebook page has only 2,431 “likes,” which represents about 16 percent of the campus community, and the Eagle News Twitter feed has only 1,260 followers. Based on these two web counts, I wonder how many (or few) visits the Eagle News website gets weekly. Why don’t people seem to be reading the Eagle News?

    Readers want to learn about thing that impact their own lives; they need useful information. On the Eagle News website, the mission statement reads, in part, “We select content for our publication and our website that is relevant to the student body, faculty and staff.” While I feel some regular features in the paper live up to this mission, such as the service-learning opportunities page, others strike me as weak filler, such as the “Week in Review” column.

    Here are my story recommendations for the Eagle News:

    1) “What’s Happening This Week on Campus?” calendar:
    Did you know about the “Social Science Research Symposium” on Nov. 27, which featured lectures that were open to students? Yeah, neither did I, until I walked past a poster too late to attend the event. It is a boring job to research and write an events calendar – I know, I write one every month for Neapolitan Family Magazine – but it is a highly valuable service, and it is a good way for a writer to earn a regular clip. This could even be divided up into beats, such as a sports events beat, an arts events beat, a lecture events beat, etc. Early in the semester one of my classmates said to me, upon learning he had missed the campus jobs fair, “Ah, shoot! I need a job! Why didn’t I see this event in the campus newspaper? I would have gone.” Just an events calendar announcement of the job fair would have had a positive, relevant impact upon that student’s life. The” Indiana Daily Student,” a paper worthy of emulation, has a campus events calendar in every issue.

    2) Campus Events Spotlight Column:
    Related relevant content would be to expand upon the “What’s Happening This Week on Campus?” calendar by choosing one or two items of particular interest, such as the job fair, and writing an article with information that would help the students prepare for the event so they could get the most good from it (where to get resume-writing help, how to dress, what employers would be attending, etc.). I was extremely pleased to see the “Winter Wonderland Festival” preview article in this week’s paper because it helped me get ready to get the most from this campus event. I think Eagle News needs to run more information like this.

    3) Service-Learning Spotlight Column:
    The current service-learning opportunities page is a great for students, but how about a weekly companion article profiling the lesser-known service-learning organizations? Students tend to swamp a few of the well-known partners, such as the FGCU Food Forest, but aren’t sure where to turn when the popular partners have already filled all their volunteer slots. If they just knew more about the other community partners, they might be more likely to spread out and volunteer at the other non-profit organizations. With over 300 community partners, this should generate a more than a few leads for articles.

    4) Campus Club Spotlight and Campus Service Department Spotlight Columns:
    I seem to recall from orientation that there are about 175 campus organizations. Providing the students with more information about these organizations with weekly spotlight articles would be highly relevant and helpful content. Students might be more likely to connect with clubs if they could read about them. Also, a column highlighting campus services would be of help to students. How many of them know there is a career services department that can give them help with interviewing and resume writing, for example?

    5) Stuff To Do Off-campus Spotlight Column:
    Some students at FGCU are not from Fort Myers or Southwest Florida, so they do not know what recreational opportunities are available in the area. Where can they go camping? Where are cool places to go canoeing or kayaking? Which beaches are the best? What is interesting to do at the region’s parks? Are there any interesting museums? Where are the hidden treasures of the area? Are there any interesting festivals or fairs coming up? Is there anything fun they can do on the cheap since they are college students? (Hint: Eagle News has run only one article, in 2010, about the FREE Fort Myers downtown monthly Art Walks and Music Walks.) Are there any music festivals other than Eaglepalooza? (Hint: Bluegrass in the Hammock Fest runs in February, Bonita Blues Fest takes place in March, and Sarasota Folk Festival happens in April. All run the full weekend and tickets cost less than the one night Eaglepalooza.) Where is a nice, cheap place to stay and good cheap eats if they go over to South Beach in Miami? Or if they travel to the Keys for the weekend? Or if they go to Ybor City in Tampa?

    So how many article ideas am I up to now? I have one more:
    When was the last time the Eagle News did such a survey of their readership? More importantly, has the Eagle News attempted to survey the NON-readers to find out why they do not read the paper and learn what information would make the paper worth their time to read? Ask and the students will tell you what they need to read.

  49. Macie Briones-Ramirez permalink
    December 3, 2012 12:37 pm

    1. Internship and job opportunities.
    2. Coupons or deals for local restaurants.
    3. Mug shots and arrests section.
    4. Healthy recipes for college students.
    5. Local vacation getaways in the Southwest Florida area.

  50. Amy Clark permalink
    December 3, 2012 12:39 pm

    1. A Q&A with professor and students correlating the real world use of there major and the job opportunities available after graduation.

    2. A section with local retail, grocery, department stores, restaurants and fast food places that offer college specials or discounts.

    3. Campus Diversity- How do they multicultural sororities differ from the generic Pan-Hellenic ones like ZTA, Phi Mu, and Tri Delt. The statistics on the different races and ethnicitys the school has.

    4. Off Campus activities- What is the to do in the city of ft. Myers? Where are the hot spots to go? High end restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Are there sporting events, concerts, or shows coming?

    5. Cram Week- How many students are actually in the library at all hours of the night? Is the 24 hour library necessary? How many students are actually taking advantage of this class break to study instead of party? Are the writing centers, tutors, and teachers having much busier office hours?

  51. Brian Donovan permalink
    December 3, 2012 12:56 pm

    1. Study Abroad Opportunities (stories about this topic are in the archives but there are not a lot of them which is sad for a school with as many international students as FGCU).

    2. The Food Forest (pictures and nutritional descriptions of what is ready to eat and what cannot be eaten as well as information about when you can pick the food there)

    3. Suggestions for filling ones time that are productive and entertaining.

    4. How complicated math and calculus are used in the real world (I have been wondering for a few years now).

    5. How to use a degree to better get a job when you have graduated from college and a list of degrees with job hunt guides as an example.

  52. Landon Starnes permalink
    December 3, 2012 3:57 pm

    1. What FGCU is doing to promote diversity. We are essentially an all white school, what is being done to bring in more diversity?
    2. A feature on the coaches. They are doing a fantastic job and we seem to be winning the A-Sun in all sports.
    3. Nutrition. How a student can stay healthy with a low budget.
    4. Greek Life. The greek life boasts it’s community service, what are they actually doing?
    5. What FGCU will do when it reaches the expansion limits. We are locked into a certain area due to conservation efforts, what will happen when we fill that up?

  53. Marc-Anthony Hadley permalink
    December 3, 2012 6:57 pm

    1. A sports section. Information on the coaches. How are the teams doing? Is this school flying under the radar when it comes to sports?
    2. A section on nutrition. Is the food from sovi and home zone healthy? About how many calories do we eat from these places? Should we be afraid to eat there because we don’t want to get fat?
    3. Information on off campus housing. As we all know it is expensive to live on campus, where can students look to live off campus?
    4. Green School? Is everything the school uses to promote such an environment affective? All the money put towards the solar panels, are they effective?
    5. What is there to do off campus? Many students are not from this area, where could students go to blow off some steam?

  54. Chris Roache permalink
    December 3, 2012 7:26 pm

    1. How can students on a budget maintain healthy eating habits. An in-depth look at the food options both on and near the campus.
    2. FGCU football, a story that would explain the necessary requirements and finances behind creating a NCAA football team at FGCU.
    3. Student satisfaction poll. Take a poll regarding students all around opinion of the school and the various things it has to offer; or does not offer that students believe should.
    4. Campus activities. A story that would highlight the clubs/ organizations on campus that students are most involved in.
    5. Study skills for new students. With the number of freshman increasing every year a story should be written describing key study habits that new students should partake in in order to be academically successful.

  55. Morgan Nicola permalink
    December 3, 2012 10:07 pm

    1. Sport Clubs- How many there are on campus and how well they’re doing
    2. An update on what buildings and other facilities may be coming up in the future of the campus.
    3. An article about crossfit because it’s so popular these days and not many people know what it is.
    4. Stats of the highest pass/fail rates of the classes on campus
    5. A follow up how the library did while being open 24/7 this past week.

  56. Diany saldarriaga permalink
    December 4, 2012 3:57 pm

    1.a section that contains all the advertisements that are found on the bulletin boards around campus: help wanted; room mate wanted; etc.
    2.Health: provide information on what is provided in the wellness center…flue shots, nutrition advice etc.
    3.a story on the healthy meals/ restaurants on campus. have people reacted to the library hours being extended? what is the extra expense of having it run nonstop until after finals? who benefits? who does not? where does the extra money going to the library get taken from?
    5. acknowledge a teacher every issue and talk about the classes they teach and some of their interests. Allow students to learn about the teachers at fgcu outside of rate my professor.

  57. Christian Alexandre permalink
    December 4, 2012 11:43 pm

    1. Test preparations- How to take valid notes and succeed on these tests.
    2. Health/Dietary issues- Tips on what to eat day to day.
    3. Jobs- What’s available for students.
    4 Scholarship opportunities- What is available at the time to help lessen the cost of college.
    5. Campus Clubs- Where can they be found and what’s going on specifically.

  58. John Carlson permalink
    December 5, 2012 3:14 pm

    1. Music and movie reviews- Articles keeping us up to date on new albums and movies be released.
    2.Teacher profiles- articles about professors at fgcu and what they have done to deserve there position.
    3.National sports articles- Students reactions to national sporting events and sports news storys.
    4.Study tips- Articles on how students should prepare for tests.
    5.Coupons- Have a section of coupons so students can save money going to local businesses.

  59. Alexia Davis permalink
    December 5, 2012 8:28 pm

    1. Information of all the different places students can live with pros and cons
    2. Volunteer oppurtunities on or close to campus
    3. Places to hang out in the area (such as glow in the dark golf), with prices
    4. New emerging artists
    5. A goodreads section for highly reccomeneded books

  60. Andrew Pierre NOON permalink
    December 5, 2012 11:10 pm

    1. School Events- Events on campus that students can participate in.
    2. Teacher reviews- So students know who the best teachers are
    3. Upcoming movies and music- Latest credible reviews on entertainment
    4. Sports Clubs- How we can sign up, Practices, and requirements
    5. Health Section- latest on medical studies and healthy living

  61. Robby Llewellyn permalink
    December 5, 2012 11:13 pm

    Statistics of students at this school compared to other universities. Any stats no matter what topic. Students would love to compare their lives at FGCU to other state universities.

    Job Articles that show places on and around campus that are hiring. It would allow students to know better who needs workers and who is filled at the moment. Explain what skills are needed in the job and the task(s) being performed.

    FGCU Cribs. Give virtual tours of the different styles and layouts of student dorm rooms around campus. Give Tips on decorating and list some overlooked items that you may want in your dorm room

    Healthy eating habits. Ways to eat healthy on a budget in college, and affordable places to eat close by.

    Follow intramural sports since so many students participate. Lits the standings in every league. It will make the games more important ant the newspaper more popular.

  62. Yaritza Lopez (noon) permalink
    December 6, 2012 9:27 am

    ~Tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maybe some interviews from people that exercise regularly and know how to find time for exercise and the kind of foods they prepare.

    ~An article about what basic ingredients to buy from the grocery store every week and a list of what we can make with them (with a college budget in mind).

    ~Articles about people who have earned scholarships, with the people giving tips on how to get those scholarships and keep their grades up.

    ~Job listings not just on campus, but even an hour away from campus. People would definitely look into those opportunities.

    ~Student interviews on what they like about the campus and what they think we should change or improve on. Sometimes I feel most peoples’ voices aren’t heard.

  63. Blanca Vanegas permalink
    December 6, 2012 10:52 am

    1. A section similar to Craigslist, where we could post room rentals, tickets, cars, everything on Craigslist except it would be for FGCU students and “safer” than Craigslist.

    2. A joke section or sarcastic cartoons.

    3. How to motivate yourself through finals.

    4. FGCU Alumni: Where are they now? I would like to read success stories of FGCU students that havegraduated and have actually found jobs related to their fields.

    5. A section like living social, where FGCU students can get discounted things,trips, hotels, adventures, etc.

  64. Chris Rowe permalink
    December 6, 2012 12:25 pm

    -Detailed event coverage
    -I think it would be really cool to see a week/monthly article on a specific major that FGCU offers. Maybe interview a professor and talk about what career opportunities are out there for that major. It would be great for people who have an undeclared major.
    -I also think it would be cool to see more article’s on the many different clubs around campus. Spread more awareness about whats out there for students to get involved in.
    -Food coverage, as in cheap and healthy dinning options for students to look into around the area
    -A cool article idea would be one on prescription concentration pills like adderall and vivance and how many kids get them (without a prescription) to focus on finals.

  65. Jamie Paton permalink
    December 6, 2012 12:49 pm

    1. Drug Overdoses Among Students. What causes campus drug abuse and how to prevent overdoses.
    2. The Future of campus housing: What are the schools future plan to house students.
    3. The number of failures vs. drops in class. Interview to find out what is the most preferred by failing students.
    4. The amount of dust caused by the auxiliary parking lot. The health and environmental impact of students still using the dirt auxiliary lots.
    5. Jurisdiction held by campus police. Benefits of getting caught on campus rather than lee county sheriffs.

  66. December 6, 2012 1:06 pm

    Online Polls- Daily polls/questionnaires that students and the public have access to take online. The poll questions would be strictly in relation to the school and community.

    Health and wellness- Daily tips or recipes for a student to eat that day that are easy to obtain on a student budget.

    Success stories- Constant updates about specific students who are doing good for the community, environment, or school.

    College study tips- Daily study tips or reminders about staying focused while pursuing an education. Could be famous motivational quotes as well.

    Shout out section- birthday wishes or shout outs to fellow peers; pretty much anything exercising ones right to freedom of speech.

  67. Lindsey Paul permalink
    December 6, 2012 2:02 pm

    1. Health and Wellness- Inform students the times of operation, Flu season, availability of vaccines and tips for eating right and exercising.

    2. Clubs and their events- Sometimes flyers are not enough, this is where the newspaper should come in. Inform students of all events around campus or elsewhere.

    3. Job Opportunities- If any jobs around campus or reasonably close to it should be hiring, the newspaper should alert students to them, we need all the help we can get!

    4. Studying tips- Upperclassmen advice on how to study maybe some professors insight as well.

    5. Comics- Fun for any art or non-art major student, a great way to get your art and sense of humor out there and maybe even take the stress off of other student readers.

  68. Richard Badger permalink
    December 8, 2012 1:27 pm

    1. Sports- they should do a poll of sorts displaying the winning records of our sports teams compared to other division one schools
    2 they should talk to some of the students about the nusaince of the preacher guy yelling in the courtyard area.
    3 sports – give interviews of possible draft candidates from our school for the future and now
    4 starbucks they should do an interview of why starbucks is not open the same time the library is
    5 discuss the ratio of different music listeners and see which genre is most listened to on campus

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