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The problem with pols & polls

October 9, 2012

Last week, I issued an edict to the recitation preceptors that we would not be tweeting in this class about the debates or about polls as news — simply because they aren’t news: reliable, actionable information that can and ought to be shared in a responsible way. As I’ve cautioned you in lectures, if you are exposing yourself to political ads (or any kind of advertising), to political debates, to pundits, or to polls, you are missing the lessons you need to learn quickly about media literacy in general and news literacy in particular. The Monkey Cage Blog (you wouldn’t snicker or smirk if you understood the derivation, so look it up) this week offers a good explanation behind Nate Silver‘s tweet “Retweeting individual poll results is probably disinformative on balance.” Read and learn and grow.

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