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Team Project Schedule

July 16, 2012

Please check your group’s time. If somehow I missed a request for a specific day for your group that I promised to honor, please have onlyTeam Member 1 email me right away, and I can accommodate you. I won’t entertain any further requests now, though. You must be present for the entire class meeting on the day your team presents. Do not enter the classroom during a presentation.


3:05 p.m.

Team Madoff: Adam Santa Fe, Katy Battistoni, Hayley Pottruck, Ashley Price




Team Rodney: Casey Brogan, Briana Smith, Laura Siebenmorgen, Sabrina Prefer





4 p.m.: 10-minute break



Team TB: Janelle Silva,Bob Reinhard, Ryan McCall, Nate Hicks, Vicki DeBow



Team Unabomber: Michael Mora, Greg Gold, Schuyler Houfek, Mike Houfek




Team Greece: Dani Toll & Co.




3:05 p.m.

Team Headache: Dan Surgan, Nurjahan Khatun, Derek Maloney, Pamela Perez



Team Occupy

Natalia Molina, Layss Cordova, Jesus Triana, Angela Navarro



Team SCOTUS: Chris Ruskai & Co.




Team Citizens: Brendan Koning, Lindsay D’Amour, Amanda Moore, Katie Meador



Team Zombie: Ashley Handley, Arielle Hyppolite, Ashley Gomes, Erik Hurd

Links: (plus a secret video that cannot be shown)

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  1. anissa santos permalink
    August 28, 2012 12:38 am
    This is isn’t news because it was just publicity for Oprah so that maybe people will start watching her show since it is doing so bad. Its basically saying how good she is doing with money because she has zoo many partnerships with famous celebritys and upcoming movies that are huge such as transformers.
    I dont know how to make a group on here. Also I went back home this weekend to key largo my home town and I didnt have power so I didnt know this was due also it was not on the syllabus and this was not one of the assignments you assigned in class. Sorry its late but I had know way of knowing I am sorry! I will do an extra assignment for you if thats at all possible for this being late.

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