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Welcome to MMC 2604!

June 18, 2012

Welcome to the final offering of Journalism & Society at FGCU. Although the course description and other administrivia won’t change, the name of the course will in Fall 2012, to News Literacy. That new name better reflects the content and mission of this course.

This blog will play a large part in your learning and in your success in the course, so check this blog daily.

First, here you will find a weekly short-writing assignment. Read the blog post and comment by deadline. (See the example and instructions in the post headed, “There has never been anything like this.”)

Second, here you will find also the Twitter news feed that directs you to the stories you must follow for the weekly news quizzes.

Third, this blog should stimulate your thinking and (if you are truly an engaged learner and concerned news consumer) additional conversation in and out of class.

Finally, check here regularly also for news literacy news and for classmates’ comments (which may well be comments on your comment).

Begin by subscribing to this blog. Directions are on the upper righthand side of the Home page, where you will find these words:




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