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How I.C. Video Went Viral

March 14, 2012

If you’re still catching up, here’s a good NYTimes blog post that can help.

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  1. Geoffrey Stephens permalink
    March 14, 2012 5:38 pm

    Wow. I see this as not only a manhunt for some ruthless bastard, but a step towards all out world peace!!! I know and understand it’s a stretch, but it takes steps to reach any new way. This truly showed me what the web can do very positively for literally all of mankind. Although we have to detect the bull when info is coming at us at light speed, and many are taking advantage or playing games with it…it can also do this and unite people. Finally for once seeing the astronomical amount of similarities between us than differences. Even if not wanting to join the effort it, is at least known what Kony is doing. Also when seeing this you feel most for the children and what they experience, because everyone can connect with children. I feel that children are one of the biggest role players in bringing the world that much closer together, and through experiencing this and wanting to help many differences are put aside to help these children.
    On the flip side, this also shows very clearly how buried people’s heads are in their TVs and phones and tuning their brains into what the media feeds them only! This being due to the fact that although no big relief effort, Kony and his actions in Africa have been going on for over a decade!!! I first heard of him years ago, and read much more to come. Although not being able to do much i was aware, and astounded by how many didn’t know what was up when this video came out. A very true, and honest showing of both sides of such an amazing tool and asset as the internet and our levels & speeds of our communication.

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