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Opinion Journalism: Advocacy

February 19, 2012

Preparing for this week’s topical lectures, read Peter Schorsch’s insights into the recent case of a Tampa Bay-area TV station’s decision to take a decisive stand—”deliberately blurring the line dividing reporting from advocacy”—on a news story of great importance to its community: the impending draconian cuts to USF.  What do you think?

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  1. Geoffrey Stephens permalink
    February 19, 2012 10:35 pm

    No matter how stirring to a individual or an entire news station I feel that the rules of proper Journalism CANNOT be changed or used for any reason. I feel the same about many so called basic rules. I fear that if a rule is bent or twisted, even if for something that many see as true or ok to do, then that opens the flood gates for mayhem down the road. So stick to the facts, present them and allow viewers or readers to gather their thoughts and “evolve” on their own. Actions like these taking a side are the groundwork for all hell breaking loose later. Formula…1) A news station takes a side in their work 2) people may rally behind them, and then later EXPECT the right, best info from news instead of devising their own thoughts..or hate them 3) people become co-dependant and do not think for themselves…or tune out any news all together 4) misunderstanding and confusion after cases taking place doing right or wrong makes for a grand divide of people. Follow the rules and stop trying to impose personal thoughts since being in a power position. Very similarly, I almost got hit on my bicycle by a truck that didnt LOOK BOTH WAYS, the #1 rule in pulling out. He had his excuses saying how busy he was and took a strong side in why his move was ok. Great the truck driver feels ok with his excuse, but what if I didn’t swerve and had gotten hit and died?

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