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They ought to give Iowa a chance

January 19, 2012

One week ago in class, I mentioned that a serious discrepancy in the voting results of the Iowa caucuses had been reported. Turns out, some results will never be certified. Turns out, Santorum defeated Romney in the certified results. Given that the news media narrative, after Iowa and including New Hampshire, has been that Romney is on an unstoppable roll, what does this news portend for a fair democratic process — and for how and whether we can trust the news media’s rush to judgment?

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  1. Geoffrey permalink
    January 19, 2012 3:40 pm

    News is in back pocket of higher executives, corporations and authorities for a brainwashing to sway voters and decision making. It’s like any other actor/sitcom/tv show…they’re simply reading lines, or “screenplay” that’s written for them. They read what guys who play golf together on top want them to say so they can keep driving Bentleys and have chilled champagne in the back seat coolers. Formula…1) Say unstoppable million times over 2) many believe unstoppable 3) many believe nothing can be done, dont vote or speak up/research 4) don’t vote at all thinking it’s over, no point 5) Romney does win like people writing news “screenplay” want 6) voters discouraged think it all doesnt matter 7) dominant reign continues…….Iowa deal eerily similar to Florida miscount for Bush. This time they just got smart and started doing right away instead of waiting for last state. Was personally waiting on Jeb in private Tallahassee club during all of this. Funny, he was there all day/everyday just before miscounting announced with other state government officials, ironic?

  2. Geoffrey Stephens permalink
    January 22, 2012 12:35 am

    Newt’s South Carolina win is now blasted all over net, only mentioning him and Romney. Like mentioned in lecture this past Thursday, I guess those two are the only ones having shelter under the “umbrella” of the big six. Ron Paul and others must be getting soaked out in the rain. Since the big six are doing so much brainwashing with stuff like this, I hope they’re at least using color safe detergent so the American flag doesn’t discolor.

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