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Blog topic for Prof. Wozniak’s recitation

September 14, 2011

Please respond to Professor Hanson’s post below re: media coverage of 9/11. The deadline for my recitation students is extended to noon Thursday.
For Thursday’s recitation class, take a look at the Politifact website. It’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning website run by the St. Petersburg Times. The site looks at the truth behind political statements, and rates them on a “Truth-O-Meter.”
Subjects can range from whether or not Mitt Romney really did strap down his dog to the roof of his car and drive to Canada (on today’s page) to whether Social Security is really a Ponzi scheme, as stated by Rick Perry. The site also has an “Obameter” that tracks the president’s campaign promises.
–More about 9-11 coverage and whether it was national therapy or media gone wild
–Tea Party debate
As always, I want you to think about opinion journalism and see what examples you can find in print/on TV/on the Web of journalists (not pundits or “experts”) who seem to cross the line between objectivity/impartiality and opinion.

If any of you have more to say about the Anderson Cooper material covered kin lecture Tuesday, bring that, too.

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  1. djfitzpatrick permalink
    September 15, 2011 10:48 pm

    I feel that there should definetly be alot of coverage on 9/11 and escpecially on its anniversary because of the fact that it had such a great affect on our lives and is still affecting our lives ten years later. This event has changed the way we operate things like security at airports. It has also has changed the view we have of our peers and our ability to easily trust people. Another thing I liked was how the NFL really respected the special day. There was a moment of silence in which the players from both teams held the American flag during the National Anthem. I thought it was a great way to remember and honor the victims of 9/11.

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