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Introduce yourself

August 30, 2011

Now that Drop/Add has ended and the lecture and recitation enrollments have been settled, please be sure to have a look around this blog. Subscribe to it (top right) for e-mail updates.

Also: We’d like to know who you are. Take this short survey. Have a photo of yourself ready to upload, if you like.

Only your instructors (Rick Kenney and Chris Cifatte, Tom Hanson, or Mary Wozniak) will see the information.


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  1. Christopher "Raccoon" Brinegar permalink
    August 31, 2011 4:48 am


    Hi! I’m Raccoon and I wrote this post JUST FOR YOU! Were you surprised? Were ya? Were ya? HUH?
    “But Raccoon!” You say, “Introductory posts are supposed to be reasonable!”
    Well that’s silly! What kind of Raccoon-authored welcome post would this be if it were reasonable? I mean, DUH! BOOOR-IIING!

    Ya see, I signed up for this class because I was thinking of minoring in Journalism because I’m a Management Major, Computer Scientist, and Punk-Rock-Star, and I like to do all sorts of fun stuff around the school, like being the treasurer of the making obscene jokes, teaching Java classes, Computer Science Club, staying up WAY past 4:00 AM, and referencing pink ponies! I thought it might be cool to do stuff with journalism, because I want to specialize a bit more in mass-media So my adviser was like “you need to sign up for a humanities class!” and if I need to sign up for a humanities class then I can sign up for THIS ONE, and that means I’m in here now, SEE?

    And now you have LOTS AND LOTS OF RACCOON!

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